A 21-year-old female patient presents to the office for an annual exam.

A 21-year-old female patient presents to the office for an annual exam. She has had normal, regular menstrual cycles since she was 14 but she has not had a menstrual cycle in over 6 months. A pregnancy test is negative. The FNP wants to order blood work to determine the cause of her secondary amenorrhea. When the patient hears that if all is normal the treatment will be giving progestins to initiate a menstrual cycle, she tells the FNP that she cannot do that because she does not believe in birth control pills. The FNP tries to advise the patient that it is not birth control pills, but a hormone to assist in regulating her periods and the patient leaves the office crying. What does the FNP do now to help this patient?


Women's Health

           To help the 21-year-old, the FNP should respectfully call her back and assure her that the administration of progestins is not the only way to fix her secondary amenorrhea and that the FNP would not be giving progestins to the 21-year-old if she does not prefer such a direction of hormonal therapy. After the FNP c... Wxxxx'x Hxxxxx&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx; Tx xxxx xxx 21-xxxx-xxx, xxx FNP xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxx xxxx xxx xx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx FNP xxxxx xxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx 21-xxxx-xxx xx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx x xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx. Axxxx xxx FNP xxxxx xxx 21-xxxx-xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxx, xxx FNP xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxx xx xxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx.&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx; Cxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx 21-xxxx-xxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx, xxx FNP xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx. Ix xxxxx xxxxx, Bxx xx xx . (2022) xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx x xxxxx'x xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx. Ix xxxxxxx xxxxx, Ax‐Jxxxxxx xx xx. (2019 xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx. Txxx, xx xxxxxx x xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx 21-xxxx-xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxx, xxx FNP xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx 21-xxxx-xxx'x xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx, xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx.&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx; Txx FNP xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx x xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxx 21-xxxx-xxx'x xxxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx. Axxxxxxxx xx Gxxă xx xx. (2021), xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx, xx xxx xxx xxxx, xx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx, xx xxx xxxxx xxxx, xxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx. Txxx, xxx FNP xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx 21-...

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