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Public Health Care System

The terms: health care and public health are often used interchangeably. Two such widely used terms are public health and health promotion.

Based on your understanding of the topic, create a report in a Microsoft Word document answering the following questions:

Define the terms public health and health promotion .

What are the similarities and differences between the two?

What specific health promotion activity was provided in your community during the past one year and what was the beneficial result?

How did Healthy People 2020 develop and what is the purpose and goals of this program?

Over the years, the public health care system has evolved due to the numerous legislative and regulatory influences. These efforts are being illustrated as legislative and regulatory pressures on the form and function of the delivery system.

Note: Click here to view a link to get a better understanding about the issues affecting the community and nation (Go to Policy and Advocacy > Congress and Federal Agencies > Legislation and Issues).

What current legislation has had the maximum impact on the way health care is provided?

What interest group(s) influenced the establishment of this legislation?

Mention an interest associated with a health care promotion or wellness program that, according to you, had the greatest impact on the people of the U.S. in the last three years. Provide a description of this program. 
The description should include the following details:

What were the activities actually associated with the program?

How was it reported in the media?

What was it about this program that had an impact on you?

What population was involved? Why do you think the specified population was involved in the program?

What do you think can be done by society to promote this program?

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