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 Answer these questions based on the 2008 Financial/Housing Crisis I. Leadership and Decision-Making Issues What are the issues of leadership? How effective where top-level leaders in making decisions? Why or why not? How did top-level decision-makers evaluate information before and during the crisis? What opportunities were missed? How did individuals at the management and tactical levels make decisions? What consequences were evident as a result of decision behavior of top-level officials and other actors involved? II. Ethical Dilemmas Faced by Decision Makers What ethical or moral dilemmas did decision makers at all level face as a result of the crisis? Give examples. What were the implications of these decisions on the fate of individuals, communities and perhaps the global community? III. Pre-Existing Issues that Exacerbated the Crisis What pre-existing issues within the political-administrative environment existed that contributed or made situations during the crisis worse? Why weren’t these issues addressed? Were policy-makers able to overcome these pre-existing challenges to resolve or contain the crisis? IV. Lessons Learned Each and every crisis offers a vast reservoir of experiences and lessons for future crisis planning and training. What are the political and organizational lessons that can be learned from this crisis? How are these lessons to be translated into revised organizational practices, policies, and laws?


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