PSYC427 Sensorimotor Neuroscience

Early research on emotional well-being frequently useaanaffectbalance score. Please  discuss potential problems with the use of this score. and address how the potential  – –independence versus dependence of positive and negative affect influences these  probler 3. Please address how a goal or personal striving approach to personalitydifferent frorna traitapproac-i. and why it could predict more variance in levels of subjective well-being4. Please discuss the roles of different coping tactics in the stress process. Identify predictors of coping and the role of coping in influencing emotional outcomes.5. Please address the pathways linking dispositiorial optimism and indicators of quality of life. Why do optimists experience greater well-being and health than pessimists?6. Goal disengagement capacities have been shown to [predict reduced depressive mood. just as high levels of depressive mood have been associated with improved goal disengagement capacities. Discuss the reasons for the emergence of such different associations and suggest solutions for how research should study the associations between both constructs?

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