PSYC SS271 social & developmental psych

The purpose of this assignment is to explore, through observation, the developmental influences of violent and unhealthy activities in children’s digital programming. Your assignment will include three key components to be incorporated into a full report.

Step 1: Select Programs to Observe

Using the following criteria, select and watch four (4) digital/ tv programs for children

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1. At least one cartoon designed for younger children (e.g. Paw Patrol, Caillou etc.).

2. At least one educational program designed for children (e.g. Sesame Street, or a child-oriented science show).

3. One program designed for adults that children could easily watch (e.g., one that airs during the early evening)

All programs must be at least 15 minutes long.

Note: If you are unfamiliar with children’s programming, ask someone with children what programs their kids watch! Try to watch the programs at their regularly aired time on TV. However, if you don’t have access to programmed television, you can stream the programs.

Step 2: Observe and Record

For each program, record the following:

1. Number and type of violent/ aggressive acts that you observe (e.g., physical force towards self or others, manipulation by the threat of force, etc.)

2. Number of references to unhealthy activities (e.g., eating unhealthy food, risky behaviours)

3. Any other imagery/ references that you find troubling or concerning for child viewers.

Note: To keep track of your observations, create and submit with your report, a chart like the one below.