Protein Molecules Bio-Chemistry Essay

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Protein Molecules Bio-Chemistry Essay

The previous work is attached to this question. Upload a Word of the article draft.

It should include references and the length should be ~1500-2000 words.

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Generate and include placeholders (figures) for the ‘scenes’ that you will create.  Bold and Underline the words you will use for the hypertext link to the scenes.  There should be a minimum of 3-5 scenes that support the text.  Protein Molecules Bio-Chemistry Essay


Protein molecules

Protein molecule can be classified based on many factors and one of them is their structure. Based on structure proteins can be classified as globular or fibrous protein. I am going to major on fibrous molecules in my assignment (Parry et al, 2017). Fibrous proteins consists of chains of polypeptides which are elongated and have sheet like structure. The fibers are mechanically strong and are insoluble in water. Therefore their major function is to protect tissues and cells besides strengthening them. Examples of fibrous proteins include;α-keratins, β-keratin, collagens, elastin.Elastin is extracellular matrix protein. As the name suggests, they are highly elasticand are found in connective tissues therefore they enable the body tissues to regain its normal shapes after contracting and stretching (Tissera et al, 2020).


These proteins are mainly applicable where mechanical energy is stored. Elastin fibers are composed of fibril in and amorphous elastin. These two components are made up of amino acids such as proline, glycine and alanine. Defects in elastin can cause diseases such as atherosclerosis, actinic elastosis of the skin among others. Collagen is inextensible, extracellular most abundant fibrous protein in vertebrate. It is found in stress-bearing structures such as, tendons, bones and ligaments, it is very rigid since is extremely ordered structure. Structurally unordered part of collagen is made up of lysine and hydroxylysine amino acids and these part makes the fiber flexible. Collagens give skin elasticity and strength (Parry et al, 2017).

Keratin occurs in two forms, the softer one found in vertebrates,α-Keratin (Tissera et al, 2020). It is the essential component in making, hooves, horns, nails, cellulose, hair and feathers. Generally it shields epithelial cells from stress or damage.β-keratin,is the harder one which only exists in birds and reptiles. They structure is crystal like helical domain. Protein molecules play acritical role in the body and are required by tissues and organs for structural and regulation functions (Parry et al, 2017). Protein Molecules Bio-Chemistry Essay

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