Prosthetic Leg for Netball

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Prosthetic Leg for Netball


After college you get a job working for a prosthetics company. They move you to Australia where you
start enjoying the local sports. You become enamored with net ball (Link also on blackboard). You find it shocking
that no one has designed prosthetic legs for people who want to play netball. You decide to review
prosthetics that have been designed for other sports so you can figure what biomechanical properties
would be best to include in your new design. In this paper you will discuss the biomechanical Prosthetic Leg for Netball
aspect(s) of a prosthetic leg(s) that should be taken into consideration for their design.

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Citations and References
a. You are expected to have a minimum of 15 references.
b. At the end of your paper but starting on a separate sheet list your references
c. The title of the reference sheet should be “References”
d. References should be listed using APA format. If you are not familiar with APA use
yle_guide/general_format.html as a reference.
e. One deviation from APA format is that each reference will be numbered.
f. List references in alphabetical order of the last name of the first author (per APA rules)
g. In the paper list references in parentheses at the end of the sentence, before the period.
e.g., “Distance running prosthetics are different from sprinting prosthetics (1, 3, 4, 9,
14).” Prosthetic Leg for Netball
h. If something is on your reference sheet, it must be cited in the paper. Noncited references do not count towards your 15 minimum.
i. Likewise, if there is a citation number, there must be a reference that corresponds to
that number.
5. Paper Length-There is no set length guidelines for this paper, but considering that it is a major
portion of your grade and you have 15 references, I do not see how it could be any shorter than
five full pages. There are examples of good and bad write ups provided on blackboard. Note
the formatting for the example paper may be different than your required formatting. Prosthetic Leg for Netball

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