With the evolution of technology and Artificial Intelligence, the system of accounting is gradually changing. Earlier, people used to think Accounting was a dreary occupation. No such intellectual can be traced in the milieu of accounting. But now with the development of future generation technology and software, the corpus of accounting is being more technology-driven and interesting.

Different technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Cloud Computing, Tax Software, Mobile Accounting, and Social Media are being used. Along with the growing interest, more people can access various accounting software to perform different kinds of accounting tasks. Nowadays, Blockchain Technologies have drifted Accounting from an isolating task to an interactive multitasking job that is variously linked with the growth of the business as well as to manipulate multiple variables.

Background of the MA619 Assignment

In the MA619 research report, Accounting assignment, various unit learning outcomes can be reflected. They are mentioned as follows.

• Cognitive, technical and creative skills to evaluate various complex problems, concepts, theories and information related to Professional Accounting

• Different methodologies and research problems related to Professional Accounting

• Strategies to create a research report by conveying research findings.

The assignment is tricky and requires a gross idea of various software, their uses for Accounting, and the depth of the previous research in the same. Indeed, your findings, methodologies, and data evaluation require experience, field study, and expertise. So, a student finding difficulties can seek professional accounting assignment help from Any doubts will be instantly clarified and you’ll have a high-quality solution to this assessment.

What are some criteria to prepare a Research Report?


There are some prerequisites to prepare a great assignment set by all the institutions. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Composite and summarized abstract: the abstract has to be comprehensive and concrete. There requires relevance to the literature review. You have to showcase multiple scopes and methodologies for the research. Hints about new findings from the research should be mentioned in lucid language.

The research questions: the research questions should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Some key points like the Application of Information Technologies in AIS, Online Accounting, Emerging Technologies in Management Accounting, and AIS in banks can be addressed to reach out to the diversity of the research area.

The choice of methodology: This should be appropriated by explaining the relevance and utilization of the methodology. Various types of methodologies can be used. Here are some types mentioned.

1. Semi-structured interviews

2. Risk control model

3. Observation method

4. Case study method

5. Statistical techniques

6. Quantitative method

Data analysis: for data analysis, certain criteria are required to be kept in mind. They are mentioned as follows.

1. Citation of data sources for secondary data

2. For primary data, data collection methods are to be informed properly

3. Summary tables, diagrams are to be used to present data perfectly

4. The results and analysis are to be presented in a standard way

Conclusion: the conclusion should consist of the departure of the concerned research from the literature chosen, the significance of the study, limitations, and implications.

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