Essay Help: Pragmatic Texts

Newspaper storywriters once discovered that if to tie boring politics to the life of a regular citizen with understandable connections that are close to everyday routine, these stories will be more popular. By saying this, Notes for Dummies are intended to defend two points. Firstly, don’t you think it’s about time to find a job at least at a local newspaper? Secondly, the closer your text creeps to regular readers, the more positive feedback you get.

Very often, creative writing and essay papers lean on a pragmatic text. Pragmatic texts use a simple journalistic formula: take an event, answer the five W’s questions, tell everything in a simple but descriptive manner and, voila, you have a perfect narrative essay ready.

In creative writing you don’t have to analyze. You choose an event or an object for writing, describe it and tell its story, but you leave an option opened for the readers, and they are the ones to decide whether to believe your text, or not.

In a pragmatic text, be local. A descriptive essay, for example, tends to be concrete, and its topic needs to be well-prepared. This is the issue with most creative essay papers.

Also, most of the time creative essay writing tends to shock and catch; this is why there is so little interest towards old traditions and rituals. Pragmatic texts are turned towards their readers. They are famous for their value here and now, meaning that they describe objects familiar to everyone.

Last but not least thing about pragmatic texts is the approach to facts and opinions. While in analytical writing a fact is the most important part of the text, creative essay papers are turned towards the feelings, which proves to be even more successful in the long run.

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