practice preparation

You then reflect on how you participated in the prevention of infection for that patient. Examples of this could be carrying out aseptic non touch technique for an injection/dressing change/catheter care /removal of any sutures or cannulas. Or how you prevented cross infection during this episode of care for example bed making/hygiene/mouth care/hand hygiene etc. This list is not exhaustive. You need to demonstrate your understanding of infection prevention and control.

You need to demonstrate that you have covered the learning outcomes:

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Subject -specific knowledge, understanding and application:

a)Demonstrate an understanding of the principles, legislative underpinnings and techniques involved when participating in direct holistic patient care.

b)Demonstrate evidence of a developing knowledge base that underpins compassionate, safe and effective nursing practice.

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c)Confidently use academic referencing sources in a consistent way conveying information clearly and accurately.

Employability and changemaker skills:

Use evidence to reflect own strengths and development opportunities and regularly monitor learning progress.

Discuss infection control in your practice area.

If you are unsure seek support from your personal tutor and /or module lead.

Submission via Turnitin on the dates specified in the module introduction and assignment strategy information on NILE.

There is an extension policy and mitigating circumstances policy – it is always best to hand something in rather than nothing.

Maintain confidentiality throughout your work. Check Confidentiality and Plagiarism policy.


As this is a reflective piece you should use the first person. This is still an academic piece of work so do not use colloquialisms e.g.  don’t , can’t , OK etc.

Use plain English

Use Verdana 11 or 12

Double line spaced

Left aligned

Student number on each page.

Pages should be numbered

Include the word count.

Harvard referencing system must be used. Reference list should be single line spaced.

This needs to be clear and concise. Here you explain the context of the situation i.e. the episode of care and what you are reflecting on. This gives you and the reader a focus for the analysis section. The episode of care and what you did.

Who, what, when why?


Tells the reader and allows you to reflect on what you were thinking at the time and afterwards. You consider if these thoughts affected what you did. You should also show awareness of what the patient may have been thinking and if this affected how you gave care.


Tells the reader and also helps you to be self- aware and empathetic with how the patient may feel in the situation. Again you should state how this affected what you did/said.


Here you make a judgment on whether this episode of care went as planned. To make this a mixture of objectivity and subjectivity you should include evidence or a reference to support you points. Remember the focus is infection control and prevention.


This is a very important part of the reflection where you demonstrate your ability to look at the episode of care and question why you did what you did and why this is important – through your reading you should find supporting references.  Remind yourself of the elements you are analysing and the learning outcomes and grading criteria for level 4. This is about why you did what you did,  as described in the context.

So what is the importance of this?

So what more do I need to know about this?

This is not a list of what you did and why. You need to demonstrate your understanding of Infection prevention and control.

Look at how you can demonstrate analysis in your work – study skills books/library hub.

You may also find support for how you might have done this differently to enhance patient care or your confidence. This type of information will be useful when looking at and supporting your reframe.

The reframe is where you consider what you might have done differently and any alternative approaches. This will need to be evidenced from your reading as good practice. This should be related to infection control.

Identification of learning and future action plan for practice and learning 20%

Here you need to think about what you have learned from your reflection, why it is important and how you plan take this forward in your patient care/personal development.  This needs to be based on the reflection and personal to you. There needs to be a clear rationale as to why this learning is important and how you will transfer this to your practice. Here you should also identify any development needs and how you plan to achieve them.


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