PPT Ch 2 Grader Project 2G: Wedding Services (Assessment)

In the following project, you will format a presentation describing some of the wedding services offered by The Big Event Production and Entertainment.


For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:

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Step Instructions Points Possible
1 Start PowerPoint. Download and open the file named pp_ch02_grader_2g_as.pptx. 0.000
2 On Slide 1, format the subtitle-Floral and Lighting Design-as a WordArt using the second style in the First row-Fill – Dark Teal, Accent 1, Shadow. Change the Text Fill to Black, Text 1. 8.000
3 Select the picture and then Crop the image from the bottom so that the bottom-center crop handle aligns with the lower half of the vertical ruler at 2.5 inches. 8.000
4 Change the picture Height to 3 and then apply a Dark Teal, 5 pt glow, Accent color 1 picture effect to the image. Align the picture and title using the Align Selected Objects command to apply Align Top. 10.000
5 On Slide 1, insert a Text Box anywhere in the green content placeholder on the bottom of the slide. In the text box, type The Big Event Production and Entertainment and then using the Align to Slide option, apply the Align Center and Align Bottom alignment commands. 10.000
6 On Slide 2, remove the bullet symbol from the paragraph, and then change the Shape Fill to Dark Teal, Accent 1, Lighter 80%, and the Shape Outline to Black, Text 1. 10.000
7 On Slide 3, convert the bulleted list to the List type SmartArt graphic-Vertical Curved List. Change the color to Colorful Range – Accent Colors 4 to 5, and then apply the Simple Fill style.

Note, Mac users, apply any style in the Convert SmartArt gallery. Then on the SmartArt Design tab, choose Change Layout to apply the Vertical Curved List layout.

8 On Slide 4, change the bulleted lists to Numbering. 8.000
9 On Slide 5, in the placeholder on the right, insert an Online Picture by searching for full bloom rose then insert the picture of the large single rose. If you cannot locate the picture, insert a relevant picture of your choice.
Note, Mac users, search for an image in a web browser, and then download and insert a relevant image from the results.
10 Remove the background from the picture using the default selected area, and then apply the Brown, 18 pt glow, Accent color 6 picture effect. 8.000
11 On Slide 5, change the bullet symbols to Star Bullets, change the Color to Brown, Accent 6, and then change the Size to 80 (% of text). 8.000
12 On Slide 6, from the Shapes gallery, under Basic Shapes, insert a Diamond of any size anywhere on the slide. Resize the diamond so that its Shape Height is 6 and its Shape Width is 8. Using the Align to Slide option, apply the Align Center, and Align Middle alignment commands to the diamond shape. Apply the Intense Effect – Dark Teal, Accent 1 shape style. 10.000
13 In the diamond, type The Big Event Productions and Entertainment. Change the Font Size to 36, and then, to the diamond shape, apply the last bevel effect—Art Deco OR Round Convex, depending on your system. 8.000
14 Insert a Header & Footer on the Notes and Handouts. Include the Date and time updated automatically, the Page number, a Footer with the text Services Presentation and then apply to all the slides. 2.000
15 View the slide show from the beginning. Save and close the document. Exit PowerPoint. Submit the file as directed. 0.000
Total Points

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