Portrait of a learner,Student Plan based on 3 observations and inferences

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Portrait of a learner,Student Plan based on 3 observations and inferences of them I’ll attach…You’ll have to take into consideration teacher’s comments that he made when he graded these observations…You wrote that for me before,so you will probably remember,but please consider teacher commments about mistakes…



The Observation Log should be included at the beginning of the ‘Portrait of a Learner’, before the ‘Student Plan’. The Student Plan requires candidates to discuss the classroom implications of the data, focusing on how this developmental knowledge can inform their instructional choices. Throughout the Student Plan, candidates should refer to all 3 observations and reference course readings. It may help to reflect on the following questions to guide your writing of the Student Plan: • How will the developmental insights gained from the observations help you to promote learning opportunities for this student? • How does the student appear to learn best? How can this inform your teaching approach with this student? • What practices might be useful in constructing meaning for this student?

• How can the student’s abilities be utilized? • How might the student’s needs be supported? The Student Plan should include detailed and specific recommendations for supporting the students’ cognitive development, socio-emotional development, and learning, and should be based on the inferences you made from your observations in these three areas (see rubric for a breakdown of scoring). Your Student Plan should include a detailed description of how you will implement the strategies you have suggested,have to be at least 6 strategies for each observation(cognitive,socio-emotional,learning)separately.For example, if you have inferred based on your observation that the student is having difficulty with categorization, you would devise a lesson that includes a specific instructional strategy intended to address this issue, and provide a clear and detailed illustration of how it would be implemented. You will also be asked to provide a rationale for why you believe your approach would be effective, and explain how its potential effectiveness is supported by developmental theory.Have to be fully explained and in details proved.. Requirements for formatting: the Student Plan itself (not including the portion of the paper that provides a summary of your observations and inferences) should be word, 9pages long or more); spacing should be 1.5; font should be Times New Roman, ..Structly APA format!That’ my final exam,so has to be all detailed pape and explained very well and in details .. So one more time should have to write detailed strategies how to build her skills.Strtegies have to be based on observations we deleloped.So I’ll attach 3 separate observations:cognitive;socio-emotional,learning!!!You have to base the essay of all these 3 observation:For each observation has to be at least 6 separate detailed(very important) strategies.Strategies have to be explained very clearly in details and those strategies have to be connected to Eric Erikson,Vigotsky and other who you will see in inferences parts,as well as you also have to add and connnect couple more people similar to Ericsson or Vigotsky,Piaget and others as well!While connecting to those people,you have to include detailed explanation about their theories as well…I’ll upload 3 separately observations and teacher’s comments about mistakes when he graded it (so you don’t make the same mistakes now,that’s what teacher told).. So basically the essay has to be like that:Observation log,Student plan(detailed specific strategies about each observation separately,so basically 18 strategies at least (6 of each)and fully details,explanation,proves and connection to the Vigotsky Ericsson,Piaget and include 3 more people like them and explain why you connect it to them and give detailed description of their theories and why you connected to them..and then conclusion… Everything has to be written in own words and has to be at least 10 references…

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