Popular and Primary Assignment Paper

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Popular and Primary Assignment Paper
12.2 Popular and Primary 
Now that you understand your topic from the perspective of three academic articles, you are ready to explore how the topic is being constructed and considered within public sources. You will also develop your own questions and construct and conduct a survey to learn more about what people know and think about your topic and to practice collecting and integrating data.
Popular Sources
While your topic is probably explored in a narrow and specific sense within the academic literature, a broad version of the conversation is probably being engaged through public discussions and popular sources. In order to expand your exploration of the topic, you will look at how the topic manifests within the public conversation by exploring two articles from popular sources that relate to the broad conversation you have explored in the academic literature.  Popular and Primary Assignment Paper.
Searching for key terms in any search engine should provide viable results but do skim multiple sources to look for patterns instead of picking the first two results on the first search with the first set of key terms. Once you have selected two sources, ideally two texts from different sources that present different perspectives on the topic, read each text closely and annotate it with the goal of summary and analysis.
Mirror what we read for in the three academic articles to see if similar elements exist in the popular sources. Also consider general elements we looked for and at in Project 1: Does the article take a stand on the topic or is it informative? Does it provide multiple perspectives? Does it include and attribute source material? Are claims clear and supported with strong evidence and reasoning?


Based on the annotation template used for the scholarly articles, write a one-paragraph annotation for each of the two popular sources. Each annotation should summarize the source and offer a brief analysis. Then write a one-sentence summary for each article. Finally, synthesize the two summaries in one sentence that connects the two popular sources. Responses will be uploaded to Canvas as a discussion post. (Also make sure you have completed and distributed your survey.) Popular and Primary Assignment Paper.
Assignment Instructions
After completing the Reading 12.2, provide a considered response to each of the assignment questions and upload your answers to Canvas.

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  1. Locate, read, and analyze two popular sources on your topic. (Mine is the health sciences discpline
  2. For the first source, write a one-paragraph annotation summarizing and analyzing the source.
  3. For the second source, write a one-paragraph annotation summarizing and analyzing the source.
  4. Write a one-sentence summary stating the thesis of each source.
  5. Write a sentence synthesizing the two one-sentence summaries.
  6. How do these two articles interact with the three academic articles (consider tone, technique, and more). How do the theses of these two articles connect to the theses/findings of the three academic articles? Popular and Primary Assignment Paper.

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