Points of Distribution (PODs) and the Strategic National Stockpile.

 You are a new employee at your county Emergency Management Agency (EMA). Your county suffers a devastating earthquake, knocking out the power grid and causing widespread damage to buildings and infrastructure. It is also at the peak of the regular influenza season. You are assigned as your agency’s liaison to the County Public Health Department (PHD). Unfortunately, your county EMA and PHD have a history of “working in silos.” However, in this emergency, you are going to need to work together in order to serve the population. As your first task, you are asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the EMA team, to help educate those that have limited knowledge about public health and disasters. For this module create several powerpoint slides to address the following with speaker notes: Explain the purposes of both the Strategic National Stockpile and Points of Dispensing. Explain the relationship between the Strategic National Stockpile and Points of Dispensing Review some of the considerations with the planning and implementation of PODs to include (but not limited to): Staffing Just-in-Time training Pre-planning for stockpile sites 12 hour push package ReferencesFEMA (2010) IS-26 Guide to points of distribution, FEMA course. Retrieved from https://training.fema.gov/is/courseoverview.aspx?code=is-26 Hernandez, I., Ramirez-Marquez, J.E., Starr, D., McKay, R., Guthartz, S., . . . Barcellona, J. (2015). Optimal staffing strategies for points of dispensing. Computers and Industrial Engineering, 83, 172-183.

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