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Please answer the following questions by indicating the correct response of True / False

Please answer the following questions by indicating the correct response of True / False, Selection of an Option from a set of choice, or a Short word(s) answer. Circle the answer(s) you choose.


1. The Book of Psalms was written by King David: (circle the best answer)


a. Completely True

b. Around 70+ Psalms were written by him

c. Equally written by Solomon his Son

d. We have no idea


2. The oldest Psalm contained in the book of Psalm is by Moses. (True / False)


3. The name of the Book of Psalms is most likely from the Greek language Translation of Psalms rather than from the Hebrew Language. (True / False))


4. The phrase “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’” is from Psalm 14. (True / False)


5. Before David became King, he was a servant of King Saul and would play his harp and sings songs like the psalms to calm King Saul’s trouble soul. (True / False)


6. Which of the following phrases can be used to characterize the Psalms? (circle as many as you think apply):

a. God’s providence over human actions

b. Honest communication with God

c. How God created the entire world

d. The importance of humanity to God

e. All of the above

f. None of the above


7. Psalms 1 and 2 are sometimes viewed as an introduction to the entire book of Psalms. (True / False)


8. The last 5 Psalms are sometimes viewed as the Conclusion to the book of Psalms as they are all exuberant Praise Psalms. (True / False)


9. In Psalm 1 there are 2 ways suggested that humanity lives. Which is the correct set of two: (select one of the following)

a. Politically right wing and Politically left wing.

b. Those who listen to the Lord and those who listen to the wicked.

c. Those who read a lot and those who just figure things out.

10. Not only is the Book of Psalms a “book,” it also contains a set of 6 books internally. (True / False)

11. The arrangement and organization of the Books within the Book of Psalms is by: (select the best answer):

a. The age of the Psalm writer.

b. The alphabetical order of the first word of each Psalm.

c. By Author, and then by historical order.

d. In order of the themes of Creation, Kingdom, Justice, and Praise

e. In order of the history of David, the Kingdom of God, A new David, An Eternal Messiah

12. The Superscription over many Psalms sometimes include instruction to: (select one)

a. A Choirmaster

b. A building organizer

c. A King

d. A Queen

e. A court jester

13. From a theological perspective, which two are connected: (select the best answer)

a. David and Solomon

b. David and Saul

c. David and the Messiah

d. David and Bathsheba

e. David and the Sons of Korah

14. The role of the Temple, Tabernacle, or Zion in the Psalms is related to which phrase below (select one):

a. The model for Creation

b. A meeting place for the people of God

c. The place of God’s presence

d. A place of power

15. Which of the following verse sections paints a picture of what Brueggemann calls “Orientation?” (select one)

a. “I walk through the valley of the shadow of death”

b. “He makes me lie down in green pastures”

c. “my cup overflows”

16. Which of the follow verse sections paints a picture of what Brueggemann calls “Disorientation?” (select one)

a. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

b. “Yet you are holy”

c. “All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord.”

17. Which of the follow verse sections pains a picture of what Brueggemann calls “Re-Orientation?” (select one)

a. “Why do the nations conspire?”

b. “be warned, O rulers of the earth?

c. “Happy are all who take refuge in him.”


18. If someone asked you to connect the Old Testament to the New Testament based on a theme in the Psalms, which of the follow sentences might you choose? (choose the best one)

a. Jesus modeled himself after David and wanted to be a wise King.

b. Jesus often used the Psalms to show how his life was the fulfillment of the promises of a New Kingdom of God.

c. Jesus early on learned how to play the Psalms on the Harp and could sing them.


19. In Psalm 23, how would you translate into contemporary language what is meant by “his rod and his staff, they comfort me.”






20. The Psalms seem to suggest it is “OK” to ask God tough questions? (True/False)


21. The 5 Books of Moses end with the people of Israel about to enter the Promised land. The 5 Books within the Psalms end about the time Israel ends it’s time of ___________. (choose one of the following to complete this sentence):

a. Deliverance

b. Exodus

c. Exile

d. Worship

22. A Psalm of Lament or Tribulation contain at least 3, sometimes 4 parts. Select from the words below three (3) of those parts: (you can select 4 if you think it is listed)

a. An address to God

b. A call to friends

c. An affirmation of God’s reputation

d. A vow of praise and trust

e. A detail of the complaint/lament

23. The phrase or idea of “Amen and Amen” is used to mark off what structural feature in the Book of Psalms? (select the best answer)

a. The start of each individual Book with the Psalms

b. The End of the entire Book of Psalms

c. The End of each individual Book within the Psalms

d. Not found in the Book of Psalms

24. Which of the follow is /are NOT found in the Book of Psalms? (select as many as apply):

a. The Lord’ Prayer

b. Keeping the Sabbath

c. The use of Allegory

d. References to David’s Kingdom

25. Which of the following Psalms did Jesus recite in part or completely on the Cross? (select one):

a. Psalm 119 c. Psalm 150

b. Psalm 19 d. Psalm 22

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