Plan Human Resource Management

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Please write a substantive posting for the discussion board question concerning the planning of human resource management.
Kathy is the project manager, and the project concerns with developing an active prosthetic arm. Kathy is responsible for writing the human resources management plan. Part of the plan consist s of describing the roles and responsibilities of each member of the project team. While writing this section of the project plan, Kathy is concerned with the role, authority, responsibility, and competency of each team member.
Trevor is a member of the project team. He is new to the company, having recently graduated from college majoring in computer programming with a specialty in robotics. Trevor has been programming computers since he was in high school. What role should Trevor play in the project? How much authority should Kathy give him? What are Trevor’s responsibilities? Given that Trevor won third prize for his design of as robot for a class project, what do you think is Trevor’s competency level in developing a prosthetic limb?

Write at least 600 (roughly 2 pages) including 250 words regarding planning of human resource management, And 350 words about discussion question.

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