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Philosophy of public health

There are two parts to your statement of philosophy of public health.

1. A description of your own personal definition (philosophy) of health based upon the definition by WHO. Here are some things for you to consider (but are not required to include) when creating this part of your philosophy: Do you agree or disagree with the WHO’s definition (or even just aspects of the definition)? How so? Why? Do you agree with the definition, but think that the definitions should be expanded upon in some type of way? How?

A quoted definition of health from the World Health Organization:

“the state of complete mental, physical, and social wellbeing not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (WHO, 1947, p. 1)

Reference for your reference list:

World Health Organization (WHO). (1947). Constitution of the World Health Organization. 

2. Write your philosophy of health promotion. Your philosophy of health promotion must contain the following components:

A. The following definition of health promotion:

Health promotion: “any planned combination of educational, political, environmental, regulatory, or organizational mechanisms that support actions and conditions of living conducive to the health of individuals, groups, and communities” (Joint Committee, 2012, p. 18)

Reference for your reference list:

Joint Committee on Health Education and Health Promotion Terminology. (2012). Report of the 2011 joint committee on health education and promotion terminology. Reston, VA: AAHE.

B. Elaborate on how one or more of the philosophies below describe your philosophy:

behavior change philosophy, social change philosophy, decision-making philosophy, freeing philosophy, cognitive-based philosophy, eclectic health education/promotion philosophy

(See handout from class)

4. Please use proper grammar and spelling. You should write topic sentences for each paragraph. Every paragraph should contain a single idea or thought. Length should be 250-500 words.

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