Phantom Power: Screwed and Chopped

In this episode of Phantom Power, we learn about a style of hip hop that developed in Houston, Texas in the 1990s. Please be sure to listen podcast, as this is really an exploration of the culture and the sound of that culture. It’s also an exploration of mobility and its relationship to sound. ( Give us the cultural context for this hip hop subculture in Houston. Who were the participants? What was their economic situation? What were their cars called, what made them special, and why were cars so important to this scene? You should use and explain words such as “lean,” “swangers,” and other terms use in this community. (Two paragraphs) Explain the type of music made by DJ Screw and other Houston hip hop musicians. How and where was it produced? What made it sound different from other hip hop? What do you think about this style of music? (Two paragraphs) Use at least three of Katz’s “phonograph effects” to help us get a better understanding of this podcast episode. (Two paragraphs)

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