Provide detailed answers to the question below with references.

1. Venlafaxine and Desvenlafaxine are two medications that currently do not have any research studies on treating PTSD in the childhood stages. These medications do have a robust census for support in adult patients. When is the appropriate time to consider its use in children with PTSD?

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2.     Explain the antipsychotics with evidence of superior effectiveness in managing recurrent suicidal ideation and behavior for adults, but no research is available for children.

3.     Explain the main reason why PMHNPs should avoid accepting gifts, entertainment, and industry-sponsored activities that are free of charge.

4.     What are some of the most dangerous and potential side effects of transcranial magnetic stimulation?

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5.     What is the recommended practice for PMHNPs who are discontinuing their tricyclic antidepressants in patients?

6.     There are always two pathways that will link the striatal output to the thalamus in the classic view of the basal ganglia function. There is a direct GABA-ergic and inhibitory. Neurons in the direct pathway are conceptualized as bearing D1 receptors and expressing the substance P and dynorphin. The indirect pathway is excitatory through glutamate. Neurons have this concept that they have D2 receptors and co-expressing enkephalin. Which manner has this model been modified in?

7.     There have been several concerns about stimulant use stunting growth in children with ADHD. Please explain this.

8.     What is the optimal serum level of Valproate to treat mania in individuals?

9.     Name some psychotics that have the most QTc prolongation and explain the mechanism behind this.

10.  Ethinyl Estradiol is contained in several oral contraceptives that are prescribed to patients. It is essential to know that this ingredient can induce glucuronidation. Which psychotropic medications should you not take with this because it lowers the plasma level of that psychotropic medication?

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