Pestle analysis of Uber:

Uber is one of the most fasted-growing taxi service providers in the world. Its easy accessibility and taxi sharing have helped it to earn many valuable customers. But in recent years, there was an outrage against this company. Many controversies even almost ban this company.

Political factor:

  • This company has been a part of many controversies. People even questioned their insurance policy. Some question involves if an accident happens, then the company will hold the driver as accountable. It is also possible that the company will take all the blame on itself.

Economic factor:

  • Uber works in the sharing of physical and intellectual resources.
  • It is easier for customers to connect with the driver through the Uber application. Uber is cheaper than taxis and can take people to their desired locations.
  • Since its inception, Uber has been growing rapidly. In some countries, taxies are facing much competition which resulted in the ban on its services.
  • Other companies are also going through the same consequences. But being the leading taxi operator, Uber has faced most of the rage.
  • People are also getting new job opportunities. So people are unable to decide whether they are being employed or unemployed.
  • Its huge popularity benefits the taxi operator the most. That is why Uber needs to keep doing the best.

Social factor:

Uber provides user-friendly facilities.

  • By using the app, you can book an Uber. You only need confirmation of your ride.
  • Its affordable price was once appreciated by the users. But with its popularity, they have increased the fares.

Technological factors:

  • With the help of technology, Uber has reaped many benefits.
  • Due to the positive views on social media platforms, the company is growing very fast.
  • Its application is also too much beneficial for users to use.
  • One can book an Uber from anywhere anytime. You will also get information like traffic, weather and more. Payments can be made through the application as well.

Legal factors:

  • Due to many reasons, Uber has faced bans in many countries. That is the reason the company needs to maintain its technical usage laws and employee safety laws.

Environmental factors:

  • What type of impact Uber has on the environment is not certain. Fuel usage and traffic can be some of the factors.
  • As per the study, Uber has caused traffic congestion. But some controversies are still there and this report is yet to be confirmed.

Though Uber is a leading taxi operator in the market, several controversies are hindering its progress.

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