Pestle analysis of Nike

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Pestle analysis of Nike:

Everybody knows about this US-based brand and its reputation. It has been producing and selling sports shoes and apparel. It is one of the most valued brands in the sports business.

Let’s have a look at the pestle analysis of this brand to know where it stands.

Political factor:

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  • Political environment impacts this brand like nothing else. Its global presence solely depends on the taxation and manufacturing rules designed in the country.
  • It needs to follow the import and export laws strictly. It is troubling its worldwide distribution.

Economic factor:

  • To improve its purchasing power, Nike should focus on economies like the US, UK, and others. This way they can find a stable economy with a good percentage of purchasing scale.
  • Countries that are growing rapidly can also create a great opportunity for Nike.

Social factor:

  • People are turning more toward sports to stay fit. This is giving Nike a chance to play a vital role.
  • Nike designs its products in a user-friendly manner. The customer receives positive results through its high-quality sports shoes and apparel.

Technological factor:

  • Though Nike gives importance to technology, it needs to consider the technology it manufactures. It will give the company more boost in the market.
  • Another external factor that affects Nike is the investment of R&D. The constant change in technology brings both opportunities and threats to this company.

Legal Factor:

  • Nike needs to consider the copyright problem of its products.
  • The company also should keep an eye on the involvement of child labor and employment rules.
  • This brand also needs to maintain health and safety issues.

Environmental factor:

  • Change in the environment is a global issue.
  • Nike produces products that are environment-friendly. This helps this brand to boost its brand value.
  • It will help the company to bring sustainability.

Let’s move forward.

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