Pestle analysis of Coca-Cola

Pestle analysis of Coca-Cola:

When you think about a soft drink, the first brand that comes to your mind is Coca- Cola. It is one of the most famous soft drink producers in the world. With the finest technology, this brand has earned millions of valuable customers. Let’s have a look at the pestle analysis of Coca- Cola.

Political factor:

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  • FDA tests every Coca- Cola products. This brand needs to follow the rules of the country and offers the best beverages in the local stores.
  • If the rules are not as followed as per the instructions, countries may prevent its distribution.

Economic factor:

  • The fan base of Coca- Cola is tremendous. It produces products in various countries.
  • Depending on the tastes and preferences of customers, they make most of their profits.
  • Coca- Cola is slowly moving towards to make healthy drinks which customers mostly prefer.

Social factor:

  • Coca- Cola makes most of its profit in urban areas.
  • There are more than 30 flavors in Japan the same as China.
  • It produces healthy products in the US. Coca- Cola offers teas and water in that region.
  • They need to take the same approach for Japan and China.

Technological factor:

  • Coca- Cola can make a more effective market with the use of technology.
  • Technology will help this brand to increase its productivity.
  • There is a technological set up in Britain that ensures quality products to the customers.
  • With the help of social media, it is promoting its products on various platforms.

Legal factor:

  • Coca- Cola maintains all security rights of its business. It already has all the rights to manufacture its future products.

Environmental factor:

  • Water accessibility is an important factor for Coca- Cola. With proper water accessibility, this brand will not be able to function.
  • That is why water processing should be environment-friendly.

Though Coca- Cola is a world-famous brand, it needs to focus more on producing healthy drinks.

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