Pestle analysis of Apple:

Apple is another most famous and expensive brand. It is known for producing smartphones, tablets, pcs and more. It has added luxury to people’s lifestyles.

Now let’s take a look at the pestle analysis of Apple:

Political factor:

  • Due to the lower manufacturing cost, Apple needs to maintain a friendly political rift between the US and China. If it is not maintained, it can affect its operation. It is expensive as well as difficult to find an alternative.
  • Being in the dominant position, it has also been able to deal with political pressure.

Economic factor:

  • As Apple produces its products in China, they need to keep in mind that its cost will increase if China increases its labor cost.
  • Income in the middle-class portion can also decline its market. Not only that but also if the US dollar increases, the exchange rates will also incline.
  • It will help Apple to earn good profits as well.

Social factors:

  • Apply instead of being a global success, it has not made that much impact in areas like Africa.
  • Due to its price, low-income people are against these products. Also because of the ethical concern, its appeal in China is not very much effective.
  • Apple needs to create awareness about its product’s features.

Technological factor:

  • Google and Samsung have launched many products that offer similar features like Apple.
  • There are many apps and services already available in the market which do not make Apple any indifferent.
  • Increasing demands have declined the demand for Apple products. Apple device seems to be less secure when high-tech technology is concerned.

Legal factor:

  • Apple has recently introduced Apply Pay services. It is seen that the government has increased oversight on it.
  • It is possible that Apple may start producing automobile products and may increase insurance and regulatory cost for Apple.

Environment Factor:

  • One of the biggest environmental issues that Apple is facing nowadays is its disposal of nonworking electronics. Disposal of lithium batteries is of high concern.
  • Its manufacturing adobe, Chine is much concerned about its environment. With the increase in electricity costs, Apple may need to face a hike in manufacturing costs.

In spite of these challenges, this company is capable enough to grow stronger.

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