PERU’s Criminal Justice System

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 Country of Choosing: PERU Font and Format: 12 Point, Times New Roman, Double Spaced, APA Format Introduction: As a way to demonstrate your understanding of the various aspects of global criminal justice, you will be doing an in depth research paper on a country of your choosing. Content of Paper: Your paper should cover content on a variety of topics that are being discussed throughout this semester. You can include: 1. An overview of the criminal justice system in the country you choose, with historical background in terms of culture and political system if necessary to understanding the criminal justice system. 2. Brief descriptions of a variety of aspects of the criminal justice system, including details such as A. The major types of crimes that occur in the country (drug use, human trafficking, any other crimes that are very prominent) B. The prosecutorial system utilized, including details on plea bargaining, etc. C. Make up of the prison population and the nature of the prisons (public, private, etc.) D. Drug policy E. Any transnational policing or criminal justice policy that your nation is a part of, and the role your nation plays (i.e. EU police cooperation, Interpol) F. Any other research that would be pertinent to understanding the justice system of your country (you do not need to include all of the above content, and may go beyond these suggestions if you find other relevant research) Analysis: Your paper should not only identify and describe the issues above, but also analyze the knowledge within the scholarship of global criminology, and the concepts, ideas and trends learned over the course of the semester. You should refer back to class materials and scholarship, identify specific trends that you learned about in class that are relevant to your nation, etc., etc. Research and Sources: You must have a minimum of ten sources for your paper. Expect to spend a considerable amount of time researching your paper from a variety of types of sources, including library books, reference materials, scholarly journals, and current magazines or newspaper articles. Citations: The term paper must cite sources using the American Psychological Association (APA) format.


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