Set a clear goal and devote all your positive energy toward reaching it. OR The importance of self- confidence. PERSUASIVE SPEECH PRESENTATION SPEAKING TIME: 4-7 minutes GENERAL PURPOSE: to persuade; reinforce, modify or change audience beliefs, attitudes, opinions or behaviors DESCRIPTION: You are exposed to persuasive messages every day; your boss persuading you to reach sales goals or quotas, local non-profit organizations persuading you to donate money to a cause, politicians persuading you to vote and manufacturers persuading you to buy their products. You sift through all the information you receive, selecting suggestions which best fit your personal needs. For this presentation consider your personal interests, the audience’s knowledge and needs and select a topic which matters to you. Organize your speech using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (problem-solution format), and include oral citations within your speech. INSTRUCTIONS Speech Development and Outline Preparation: Choose a persuasive presentation topic. Conduct research. 2 research sources are required. Begin your preparation outline using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (5-step problem-solution format, pg. 321). Select information which is most interesting and motivating. 600-800 words See outline example and template provided Use standard labeling for the 5-step outline. Also, include title, general purpose and specific purpose statement Include works-cited (APA format)

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