Persuasive speech

 Description we will be utilizing the topics we selected for our social justice personal narrative towards a new goal: to advocate for a solution and empower the audience to take action. Our intention in this speech is to improve our communities and society by addressing and transforming the social justice issues that matter the most to us. Speech Delivery: Natural and conversational delivery using notecards (you may not read from your notecards). Effective vocal and physical delivery skills. The speech should be seven to eight minutes in length. The introduction and conclusion should be fully developed—that is, they should include the three clearly identifiable parts. You must use a presentation aid to complement (not replace/overwhelm) your speech. Speech Organization: Each main point should be clearly stated and developed. There should be transition sentences bridging each main point. Follow either Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, or the Problem-Cause-Solution organizational patterns as described in our textbook. Use organizers (signposts, acronyms, slogans), emphasis cues, analogies, and repetition. Speech Development: Cite at least five sources in your speech. A minimum of five oral citations (one for each source), five in-text citations, and all sources listed in your works cited / reference page is required.

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