Persuasive Argumentative Essay Topics

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100 Persuasive Argumentative Essay Topics for Insightful Writers

Argumentative essays are the best tool for judging the logical mind capacity of students. English students are assigned many complex persuasive essay topics in colleges for essay writing. In order to write captivating argumentative topics, you should understand the pros and cons of that relevant subject, so that you can highlight the main points. Moreover, you should attract your readers to come up with their point of view. Essays, which have a flair and capacity to connect with target readers are considered the most readable content. The prime objective of the argumentative essay is to convince and also persuade readers. Points should be specific and free from the partial approach. Also, end up your essay along with a strong and unbiased message.

Topic Selection:

The topic of an argumentative essay depends on your teacher and classwork. Before choosing the topic, you must be aware of its reasons. Make sure your topic should be relevant and write it into the lights of genuine experiences that make it more viable and authentic. Besides, these essays help you to grab a good command over your communication skills and thought power.

Furthermore, argumentative essay topics that give you a keen insight to see the worlds in the lights of logic:

Get Help from Experts

If you’re still asking yourself, “Who can help me write my paper from scratch", don’t hesitate to use us. Experienced writers will immediately write, proofread, or improve your academic paper. They can also help you choose a topic and edit your references into APA or MLA format. So, what are you waiting for?

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Topics for Sports:

  • Is Chess still demanded?
  • What kind of change in sports should we expect in the future?
  • Should IPL employ Indian girls as cheerleaders?
  • has Cricket lost its charm after T20 continues?
  • Why Football is the most-watched sport in the US?
  • Why do kids refuse to participate in sports?
  • How to motivate girls in sports?
  • Should Bull taming game be banned?
  • What kind of action should be taken against Steroid takers?
  • Do you consider wrestling as the most dangerous sport?
  • Are Gymnasts the Best Athletes?

topics for Education:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of Co-education system?
  • What are the pros and cons of Homeschooling?
  • The education system should be changed every year?
  • Why IAS Service is the first choice for Arts stream students?
  • Why should we teach Sex Education in Schools?
  • Do girls feel unsafe in co-education colleges?
  • Do Girls also academically outshine boys?
  • Should children learn Sexual orientation and Gender Identity while in Schools?
  • Why should one choose MCA over the MBA?
  • Is college admission getting more competitive?
  • What are the effective ways to prevent Ragging in colleges?

Essay topics for Social Media:

  • Are virtual friends more effective than real?
  • How can we stay away from the bad effect of Social media?
  • Do social networking sites make people feel alone?
  • Video chatting and Selfie taking should be prohibited?
  • How is porn impacting our lives?
  • Do people really find a good match through social sites?
  • Should we trust on virtual friends?
  • Are fake profile users of Facebook dangerous?
  • Is it possible to make a good personality through social media profile?
  • What is the future of dating apps?
  • Does online chatting replace meeting a person in real life?

topics for Family:

  • Is modern culture make a big effect on parenting?
  • Should parents control the lives of their children above 18?
  • Negative and positive outcomes of Single- parenting?
  • Is it OK to adopt a girl?
  • Is joint family better than nuclear family?
  • Should boys learn how to cook the meal?
  • Should girls be allowed to wear whatever they want?
  • Do all teenagers also need a personal room?
  • Do two children’s families the best?
  • Is our society more conservative towards gender equality issues?
  • Do children become emotionally strong with grand-parents?

Topics for Technology:

  • Is technology enhancing the power of innovation?
  • What is the best use of technology?
  • Is the young generation too dependent on technology?
  • Do police also have a right to deactivate suspicious profiles?
  • How can corporations control their employee’s minds by creating chips?
  • How free and open Internet usage impacts on people’s lives?
  • Have teenagers become addicted to technology today?
  • Excess use of technology also causes mental instability?
  • Should Internet usage be controlled?
  • Has technology made life easier?

topics for Health:

  • What are the best health benefits to be a Vegetarian?
  • Technological devices are the main cause of cancer.
  • Are Vegetarians less healthy than meat-eaters?
  • How a non-vegetarian diet poses health risks?
  • Why young people more prone to heart disease?
  • Does junk food consumption increase the risk of diabetes?
  • Alcohol consumption increases the risk of Breast Cancer
  • How Yoga reduce high blood pressure?
  • How Superfoods provide complete nutrition?
  • Are Edible insects the next Superfood?
  • Can smoking cause Alzheimer’s?

Essay topics for Moral Values:

  • Can we treat bullying as a crime?
  • Is premarital sex a sin?
  • Punish doctors who perform abortions are also responsible for degrading ethical values.
  • Can new dads get Paternity leave from office?
  • What is the right punishment for the forced marriage?
  • Are young married girls more prone to HIV?
  • Kissing in public places has to be banned
  • Pros and cons of Homosexuality
  • The government should forbid human trafficking.
  • Negative impacts of same-sex marriage.

persuasive essay Topics on Politics:

  • Is Religious Conversion a political instrument?
  • The Role of media in politics and also define the Importance of nepotism in politics.
  • The causes and consequences of political scandals
  • Important qualities should a great leader have?
  • Does anti-incumbency reflect the mood of the voters?
  • Moreover, corruption emerging as a key issue in polls
  • The role of women leaders in politics
  • The causes and consequences of caste politics
  • What are the persuasive effects of political advertising

Persuasive Essay Topics on Environmental issues:

  • Why human beings are responsible for global warming?
  • What are the main consequences of Earthquakes?
  • Should all people travel by Electric vehicles?
  • What should be done to reduce the polluting effects caused by CO2 emissions?
  • Are people overly concerned about Global warming?
  • Nuclear Waste: What is it, and how can we minimize its impact on the environment?
  • Should individuals also face stricter penalties as a result of tree cutting?
  • Global warming is also a major threat to human existence.
  • Effects of climate change on human health especially on children.
  • Is a human being also responsible for drought?
  • Last but not the least, to what extent are mobile phones are responsible for radiation?

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