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Personal Reflation on Stages of Life

Personal Reflation on Stages of Life

A Personal Developmental Journal One major goal that I have in teaching is to stimulate the student to find personal relevance in the class material. Hence, this project is an opportunity for you to examine your own developmental history in the form of a developmental journal.
You are free to be creative while assembling this project. Possible sources could include baby books, family photographs, and interviews with family members, letters, or any other
material that you feel is relevant.
This project has two major requirements and one limitation: The requirements are 1) it reflects your life from birth till death and is extensive enough to indicate that you put a considerable amount of time, effort, and thought into your project, and 2) it is document you will upload under the “TERM PROJECT ASSIGNMENT TAB” in BlackBoard. *You can incorporate audio and video since this is an online course. You will need to scan photos and your reflection
for each stage of life. The required format is a Microsoft word or Powerpoint document. *A late penalty or zero for the assignment will be applied if a document is submitted that cannot be
opened.Personal Reflation on Stages of Life



The project is to reflect your life from “womb to tomb” with a primary focus on those periods that you consider to be turning points or crossroads in your life. This is an opportunity to
examine the choices and changes you made at these points in your life. Also, the journal is to include a “future orientation” and include a description of your perspectives on aging and death.
In evaluating this project, I take into consideration the breadth of your project, the depth of your project, and the  omprehensiveness of your project. By breadth I mean that you cover the major periods of the lifespan, including birth, childhood, adolescence,
youth, adulthood, middle age and death and dying. An individual who covers individual year periods is covering more breadth than one who only covers their life in 10-year increments.
By depth, I mean detail. If you say, “When I was five I got along well with my family and was happy. When I was ten, I got along with my family and everything was good.” you are not covering your lifespan in depth. An individual project that relates
specific instances and experiences in detail contains greater depth. This is not to be a “generic” project that could apply to anyone, but an individualized project that reflects your life.
By comprehensiveness, I mean that every requirement of the project is included and that you examine the three major areas of development: cognitive, biological, and socioemotional at some point within your project.Personal Reflation on Stages of Life
In addition, you are to include a detailed summary statement at the end of your project which is to describe what you experienced during the process of putting your project together and is to include the following:
1. What did you discover about yourself or your life that you had either forgotten
or never been aware of?
2. What personal strengths did you discover while assembling your project? What
are you most proud of in your life?
3. What does your project reflect about your current life values?
4. In what ways has your perspective of your life or past changed as a result of
this class and/or this project?
An “A” project is one of significant length and one that I feel could not really be
improved or added to in order to meet the requirements of the project. An A project gives
evidence of thought and involvement in the project.

Personal Reflation on Stages of Life

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