Description Discuss the possible diagnoses and potential underlying pathologiesfor the following case. Theseshould be related to symptoms (both presenting symptoms and other symptoms the patient may have). Based on their given presentation, what further information would you obtain from the patient and what other signs would you look for? Explain your choice of differential diagnoses, outline the management and referral options for all your possible diagnoses, and discuss the best examinations and clinical investigations needed to establish a diagnosis, based on the currentevidence. ScenarioMrs Wedderburn is a 43-year-old Afro-Caribbean female with long-term right hip pain that her GP diagnosed three years agoas osteoarthritis(without imaging). She has visitedclinic as the pain has suddenly become far more severe and she has much more trouble walking. She states she has recently noticed a clicking in the right hip.She was an athletic hurdler in her younger days but is now clearly overweight. She also reports feeling fatigued and she has a medical history of sickle cell anaemia. Rationale for assessment design:The essay is designed to test your ability to recognise signs and symptoms and to relate them to possible pathologies. Once a differential diagnosis list is established, it aims to challenge your knowledge of the possible pathological processes and their management options including referral.

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