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Option #1: Employee Rewards and Recognition  

Option #1: Employee Rewards and Recognition

Many organizations have discovered that going beyond base pay to reward and recognize employees can have a significant impact on motivation, productivity, morale, teamwork, and organizational success. There are several types of rewards and recognition strategies: those that incentivize individuals, those that incentivize teams of employees, and those that incentivize the organization as a whole.

You have been asked to develop rewards and recognition incentives for your organization and then create a brochure that presents an overview of these offerings for the employees. You may choose a specific organization or create a hypothetical organization for this assignment. In your brochure, the following components can be considered:


Structural Requirements for Module 5 Option 1 – Employee Engagement Survey

If you choose Option 1, for maximum points, please use the section headers in bold below to craft your 5-page brochure. Use size 12 Times New Roman font. You must include various graphics.

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