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COMP9812 Operating Systems 
Research Assignment 1 20% 
Please submit your assignment 29 september
Research topic :

Memory managementCompare differences in memory allocation algorithms for single CPU systems and SMP or multi-CPU systems
Assignment Overview :
You will need to find, read and critically analyse a number of relevant papers then write a scientific report. You will be asked to explore the issues in the allocated topic and compare options. You should identify the main keywords, defining each, then from your academic papers, compare the concepts using arguments discussed in the papers.
You will need to keep a list of references to the academic papers used – in an appropriate tool such as Endnote or Zotero. You will also need to submit an annotated bibliography, presented as a list of all the academic papers in your bibliography, along with a description of why each of these academic papers are relevant to the topic. A sample bibliography will be provided.

·         Demonstrate an understanding of Operating System concepts; processes, shared memory, concurrency file systems or performance processing

·         Demonstrate you are able to conduct scientific research

·         Demonstrate you are able to critically analyse several sources of information on a topic

Topic outcomes achieved 

·         The aim of the assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to apply your new knowledge of operating system concepts

·         Demonstrate a working knowledge of operating systems concepts

·         Demonstrate you can analyse published academic research and present an argument


·         Maximum 6 page report for the above allocated topic, not including appendices

·         Appendix to include an annotated bibliography

·         The appendix should list all academic papers referenced in the report plus any other reading

Academic references

·         Use academic referencing in either IEEE or Harvard formats

·         Your annotated bibliography should be included as an appendix and should include at least 8 unique entries from the past 5 years

·         Search platforms for appropriate information sources; • FLO Library search

·         ResearchGate

·         Google Scholar

Grading and submission

·         The assignment is worth 20%

·         A maximum of 60 marks are available for this assignmen

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