One potential barrier that may prevent my evidence-based practice proposal from continuing its enthusiasm

Re: Topic 9 DQ 2  One potential barrier that may prevent my evidence-based practice proposal from continuing its enthusiasm is the fact that the community in which I will be presenting may lose interest in the topic of lead. Because this topic has been brought to the forefront due to a recent crisis, once the initial public health hazard has been taken care of, the community may go back to being ignorant or not caring about the topic. One way in which I can battle this is to stress the fact that elevated blood lead levels are not an acute problem for the general public but instead they are a chronic problem. While the initial threat of elevated blood lead levels in children due to the public water change in Flint has passed, there are still may ways in which children can obtain lead. Pointing this out and stressing this in my education will hopefully allow me to continue an active interest within the community.  Another barrier I can see would be a one-size-fits-all approach to my chosen topic. Evidence-based practice changes are scientific based and often people take a strict adherence to the guidelines set forth within these proposals (Surface, 2009). These guidelines may not always fit with the audience you are working with and should be a revolving set of guidelines based on research and evidence. Just like my topic – 25 years ago obtaining elevated blood lead levels from imported toys and food items was not a big problem but in today’s global economy it has become an area of concern.  Reference  Surface, D. (2009). Understanding evidence-based practice in behavioral health. Social Work Today, Vol. 9.  No. 4. P. 22. Retrieved from

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