Oil heat burner operations including flame detection and providing saeties , also proper venting strategies and heat exchanger design for oil burners.

 Papers are to be typed with double spacing using Times New Roman font size 12 and five to 8 pages in length.  At least three well respected HVAC/R research resources other than your class text should be used to support the paper and, all citations and quotes should be properly footnoted and cited whenever quoting resources using the APA method.  Each resource must be cited at least once and one source must be cited at least twice.  You may cite your course text no more than twice and only if you have cited your other sources as indicated above.  You may include a title page but, it does not count toward the 5 page  You may include drawings and diagrams but, it does not count toward the 5 page minimum.  You must include a works cited page. It also does not count toward the 5 page minimum.  The works cited page is not your annotated bibliography.  The works cited is just the list of references from your AB without the commentary or write up from the AB.

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