Office Procedures


You are the administrative assistant at a local business. An elderly man, Mr. Beddinghaus, has a residence whose property adjoins the business property, and he has called to complain that trees on the business property are shedding leaves onto his lawn. He wants someone to rake the leaves so he will not have to pay his lawn service to do it. While you have been told that the business is under no legal obligation to remove the leaves, you are tasked with finding options for resolving the problem in a manner that is appropriate and will not harm the business’s reputation within the small community.

In addition, since the first phone call, Mr. Beddinghaus has called you three times to complain about the leaves. You have assured him that you are working on a solution, but he seems to be lonely and in need of someone to listen. How can you listen to his concerns and gracefully end the telephone conversations in which he goes on and on? What will you tell him the next time he calls?

Utilizing your interpersonal and communication skills as an administrative professional (learned in Chapter 1), identify how you can help Mr. Beddinghaus.

Create Scenario 1, your first phone call conversation with Mr. Beddinghaus. What will you tell him when you hear of his complaint? What steps will you take to begin handling this difficult situation? Remember, this situation does not directly affect your business, but it is important to your boss that his company remain in good faith with the community.

Create Scenario 2, your second phone call conversation with Mr. Beddinghaus. What will you say to him the second time he calls to complain of the leaves in his yard? Where are you at in the solution to the problem? Remember, you have now spoken with your boss and he has informed you that they need to remain on good terms with Mr. Beddinghaus, but the company cannot afford to pay to have his yard raked. He leaves it up to you to find an alternative solution. What will you do now?

Create Scenario 3, your third and final call with Mr. Beddinghaus. What creative solution did you come up with to get the leaves out of his yard? What do you know about Mr. Beddinghaus at this point? What can you offer him additionally aside from keeping his yard clear?

This extra-credit assignment is asking the student to apply the following skills an administrative professional should cultivate:

· Interpersonal

· Communication

· Customer Focus

· Problem Solving and Critical-Thinking

· Professionalism

· Work Ethic

· Integrity

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