observational report

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This is due friday march 18th 2016 at observational reporteastern time. There is no word count or page requirement. please write clear detail statements and dont be brief.. please be as detailed and informative on your answers as possible. You will watch a live video on www.earthcam.com . Please watch at different times of day so when you write paper you have something to compare when writing about your observaton of the video.



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Watch this live video feed from Times Square at 47th and Broadway in New York City (EarthCam: New York Times Square), and take notes about all the activity you witness. Be sure to watch for at least 15 minutes, any time of day or at different times for a stronger comparative context.




From the standpoint of an ethnographer/sociologist, write an observational report about the activities you witnessed. Describe what kind of day it was and the time of day. Were there any holidays, protests, or events that may have contributed to this specific behavior? Most importantly, what human behavior do you think you observed? How did people act based on their movements? What did they do? How did traffic move? What else stands out?




Observations–Discusses observations and uses clear and relevant examples




Descriptions–Describes observed situations using clear and relevant examples


I need a high grade on this assignment. Lot of detail writing on observation is a must.

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