Obesity among Indigenous high school students that are from low SES backgrounds based in remote area of Australia, the nutrition-related behaviour is high consumption of sugary drinks.

Please read paper requirement and all files before you start. 2. Please only use academic sources. Must use the reading I upload as reference. 3. No direct quotation. Similarity should under 10%including reference list 4. Please follow the paper structure/word limit 5. I have upload PPT, Draws on relevant theory to underpin analysis;. Lecture slides are not acceptable as a source. 6. Please check your paper with the Rubric before you delivery it 7. Please use academic vocabulary, no grammar errors 8. Please give me a draft of whatever you have at least 3 days of the deadline. 9. The required word count has been changed by professor, it is no more than 1200words. Preferred language style Australian English

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