Nurse practitioner medical errors

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. Nurse practitioners (NPs) are registered professional nurses with advanced degrees, Masters and/or doctorate; who are licensed by the state to assess, diagnose and treat patients similar to a physician. This includes prescriptive privileges in most states in the union. They work in ambulatory as well as inpatient acute and critical care settings in collaboration with a physician. This too depends on the state; in some states NPs are fully independent and are able to practice on their own; other states they can practice with a signed collaborative agreement with a physician; and other states they must work under physician supervision. The dissertation is meant to be a Quantitative study of the reasons why nurse practitioners make medical errors. Some variables being considered are …clinical decision making, uncertainty, workload, educational preparation, experience (lack of), etc. this literature review is meant to see what the literature says about reasons NPs make medical errors. If you cannot find much literature specifically on reasons NPs make medical errors, focus also on reasons physicians make medical errors. Zoom in on those variables that already have a measurement tool.


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