NSB202 Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Peoples


You are a registered nurse working at a hospital in Brisbane. Matt is a 24 year old Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander man from Palm Island, he is currently an inpatient, but is awaiting transfer to the discharge lounge. He will be traveling back to Townsville today where he will continue his care from his mother’s home in Kirwan, Townsville. He experienced some challenges while admitted to your ward, however thanks to your confident and informed patient advocacy and culturally safe care, he was able to be empowered to complete his care. You are required toChoose one (1) of the following topics that relate to a challenge that Matt endured.

A.Closing the gap

Closing the Gap funding enabled Matt’s mother to travel between Townsville and Brisbane, and payed for her accommodation and food at a local Aboriginal Hostel. This support was seen as special treatment by one of your nursing colleagues, who believed that “Indigenous peoples get everything!” The Australian Human Rights Commission’s (AHRC) Close the Gap 2018 report critiques the Australian government’s current approach to Closing the Gap. Address the following tasks in your discussion essay:

i. Discuss the differences between the ‘Close the Gap’ campaign, and the ‘Closing the Gap’ Australian governments’ policy framework. 

ii. Explain what the AHRC Close the Gap 2018 report refers to in its fifth major finding, as the ‘funding myth about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health’.

iii. Define the term ‘patient escort’, and discuss the common challenges that they may face. (325 words) iv. Explain the role of the Aboriginal/Indigenous Hospital Liaison Officer and explain how this role may support the delivery of culturally safe care to both Matt and his mother.

B.Aboriginal Community Controlled health Services (ACCHS)

You have been asked to review the discharge plan for Matt. The discharge plan currently identifies the Townsville Hospital as the facility that has been in correspondence. However, you know from recent discussions with Matt that he plans to have his care handed-over to the Townsville Aboriginal and Islander Health Service (TAIHS), the local Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service (ACCHS). When you approach the Community Hospital Interface Program (CHIP) nurse about this error, she asserts that ACCHSs are just like a General Practice (GP), and may not have the resources to support Matt’s rehabilitation. The Australian Human Rights Commission’s Close the Gap 2018 report highlights the need for greater investment ACCHSs as a preferred service for closing the gap. Address the following tasks in your discussion essay:

i. define what an ACCHS is, and discuss how ACCHSs respond to holistic health needs, as per the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander definition of health (as included in the NACCHO Constitution).

ii. compare and contrast ACCHSs and GPs regarding their ability to provide holistic and culturally safe care.

iii. describe the role of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker (ATSIHW). Discuss what nurses need to consider when working with ATSIHW in an interdisciplinary team

iv. define self-determination and explain how it relates to ACCHOs, ATSIHWs and cultural safety.

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