NMC Code

During your nurse education, you have developed personally and professionally; the module learning outcomes require that you analyse how you have met one of the four key categories of the Code (NMC, 2018)

The essay title:

Using examples from practice, analyse how you have met one of the four key categories of the NMC Code.

·1-5 Prioritise people

·6-12 Practise effectively

·13-19 Preserve safety

Promote professionalism and trust

Module learning outcomes:

·Critically examine legal, professional and ethical frameworks in preparation for registered practice.

·Explore the role of the nurse as a clinical educator

·Critically appraise reflective models as a learning tool for safe practice

·Research the role of clinical governance in practice

·Compare and contrast management and leadership theories for registered adult nurses working within a multidisciplinary team N.B. You do not need to meet these in the assignment, these have been met in class activities. Shape the essay around the Code (NMC, 2018), not the module learning outcomes.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Q. Do I have to refer to specific pages in my professional portfolio?

A. No. By referring to incidents in practice you are meeting this criterion.

Q. Do I have to meet all of the module’s learning outcomes in the essay?

A. No. Focus on the domain you have selected.

Q. Can I write in the first person, using the word, “I”?

A. Yes, when reflecting it is necessary to use the first person.

The introduction should set out the essay that follows. You should state that you will be demonstrating how you have advanced as a practitioner and become competent on one of the categories of the Code (NMC, 2018). You will include that you will employ a reflective model and a framework to structure the essay. Further to this, you will explain that you will employ two or three vignettes or episodes from clinical placements to illustrate you development.

You will identify a section, explain its meaning and justify the choice using literature.

You will identify, briefly explain and rationalise choice of a reflective model using literature to support you.

You will pick and framework  (Benner’s 1984), explain and justify its selection.

You will make clear that all names and locations are pseudonyms and reference this protection of patient confidentiality.


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