Nike and Trust

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In Robert Hurley’s article, “A Decision to Trust,” he includes at ten aspects of building trust in organizations. Using the articles “Model for Trust,” analyze how trustworthy Nike is based on the case. Part II of this question is to suggest three managerial aspects that will improve leading, planning, organizing, or controlling to make Nike more trustworthy for those who work at or with Nike. Please support your answer to the essay question using the articles, frameworks, theories, concepts, and cases as well as class lectures. Be sure to include concepts, definitions, examples, and descriptions of key points if it clarifies your answer. Do not be redundant or vague. If a specific term that has been discussed in class or used in the book, please note it. Please write in paragraph form, including headings and sub-heading unless otherwise instructed. Answers should be several paragraphs long, but not longer than two pages single-spaced for each question. Please include a citation if you use material from outside of the class. Citations are not needed for any of the cases and articles on the syllabus. Please be as detailed as possible and give explicit examples from the case and articles. If possible, please put these examples in quotes (“ “).


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