Negotiation and Mediation strategies

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Role-Play Scenario: The Director of Brookfield County’s Public Health Department has sent a letter to HCB’s new Executive Director indicating an intent to terminate the department’s contract with HCB for three programs. Recently, the local county health department completed its Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) accreditation survey. As a subcontractor for three county-funded public health programs, HCB was also surveyed by the accreditation body. Survey results showed that HCB did not meet PHAB’s Domain 9 standards which require organizations to have a comprehensive quality improvement and performance management plan integrated into daily operations. The Director of the Public Health Department does not believe HCB has demonstrated progress on a corrective action plan to address this deficiency. After receiving the letter from the Public Health Department Director outlining concerns about lack of progress on a corrective action plan, HCB’s new Executive Director has set up a meeting to discuss this critically important issue with the Public Health Department Director. The Executive Director is committed to implementing a corrective action plan, since revenue from the three county-funded programs is essential for the fiscal stability of HCB. The Public Health Department Director is skeptical as to whether HCB program staff understand the significance of the deficiencies and have the knowledge and skills to implement a corrective action plan. Part 2: Mediation Strategies Paper (to be completed individually) This part of the assignment is to be completed on your own, without a partner. Assume that the Executive Director of HCB and the Director of Brookfield County’s Public Health Department were not able to negotiate a mutually acceptable resolution to the conflict. Write a brief paper (maximum 1 page, excluding references) describing how you would use mediation strategies in the above scenario. Specifically, which mediation strategies would you consider using in this conflict situation and how would you implement those strategies. Support your paper with a minimum of two external references.


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