Muscle Strength and Endurance Lab Activity

Therapeutic Exercise Labs All labs must be submitted on Blackboard and are due by 9:30 am on the deadline date.

Each lab is worth 30 points. LAB 1—Ch. 7 Muscle Strength and Endurance Lab Activity #8, p. 219 A shot putter suffered a rotator cuff strain and has been undergoing a rehabilitation program. This will be his first day of strength exercises. How will you determine what exercises and number of repetitions he should start with today? Provide a justification for each exercise. What is the determining factor in the number of repetitions he will perform for all of his strength exercises? Indicate a progression of strength exercises for the rotator cuff for this patient. How will this patient’s program differ from that of a baseball pitcher who has also suffered a rotator cuff strain and is at the same stage in his rehabilitation program? Why? LAB 2—Ch. 13 Manual Therapy Lab Activity #4, p. 450 A patient with rotator cuff repair has had the left arm in a sling for the past 3 weeks. He comes to you today, 3 weeks after the surgery, because his physician wants him to begin rehabilitation today. How can you determine if the patient will need manual therapy? How can you determine what type of manual therapy he will need? What kinds of problems would you expect him to have at this stage? What would today’s treatment include? What would you avoid doing with him today? How will you know if your techniques are beneficial? Justify each of your answers. LAB 3—Ch. 22 Knee and Thigh Critical Thinking Question #3, p. 987 If you had two patients with knee injuries, one with an ACL sprain and the other with an MCL sprain, which one (if either) would you be more cautious with and why? How would their rehabilitation programs differ?

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