Money as a primary motivator of the people.

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Money as a primary motivator of the people

Money as a primary motivator of the people Money is any valuable item that’s accepted by the society as payment for goods and services or settling of debts or accepted to exchange with other goods.

Do you agree this disagree that “money” is the primary motivator of people? Explain your answer with examples.

Yes, I totally agree with this statement. In the early centuries what is called barter was being practised since there was no money. Life was very hard those times.

Money as a primary motivator of the people

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Our daily needs are so many and almost every need associates with money. Besides, money makes us meet our daily needs. They motivate us in all aspects of work we undertake. Employers sometimes use money to appreciate employers who meet employees expectations. This will motivate them more and others who never get such appreciation.

When you compare those employers who are paid monthly and those who are paid per rate of work. You will find that those paid per rate tend to put an extra effort, hence money really motivates people. Ask yourself a simple question “why do we work?” The obvious question is because you need money.  You need to be paid and the mode of payment is money.

When you have money, you have everything. There’s nothing money can’t buy. Money gave us the spirit of working hard to get the maximum amount of money possible. Money is a measure of wealth. Everybody wants to be recognized reach.

Money is not bulk to carry. Hence, convenient to conduct daily activities easily. Money can be in different forms cash or in cheque form. Not a must you carry them in form of cash.

Being rich makes you be a very respected and honoured person, and this can only be achieved by having more money. In order to have more money, you need to work hard. Yes, money motivates us.

zero hedgeMoney as a primary motivator of the people.

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