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What are the Misconceptions About the Types of Research Methods?

There are many misunderstandings of students regarding the term “research.” You must have a correct understanding of research and its methods before working on it.

Research is not centered on the likes and dislikes of people.

Liking and disliking do not come under the research methodology. “Like” is a subjective term and doesn’t suit to a critical thinker. To get the exact information, you must require accurate data for your academic work.

Research doesn’t focus on non-scientific beliefs.

To learn scientific research, you must go for other resources like mythical or religious. However, many scholars search for religious channels to learn the history of the earth and its life formation. When you go in deep, you find the discrepancy in belief and scientific evidence for the same topic.

Research doesn’t protect an individual’s thoughts.

You can’t use research to protect people’s opinions. The main work of research work is to reveal the facts and truth of the specific topic. Make sure to not go for any individual estimations unless you have to draft a persuasive research work.


Now, you will get the idea of what research is and what are the types of research methods. Before starting your project, you must understand what types of research methods are beneficial for your documents. Doing so will help you to share the desired information. The selection of the correct research method will provide you the desired outcomes. Read the above information carefully to understand the types of research methods. It also helps you to understand the misconceptions regarding the research methods.

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