MG414 Organisational Behaviour

The aim of this module is to enable students to understand how organisations work and how individuals and groups impact on organisational success or failure. It will cover theories explaining organisational behaviour. This module will equip you with knowledge and skills to help you understand how people and organisations function at individual, group and organisational levels based on the latest academic evidence.

A critical success factor for an organisation is the contribution made by employees and the module considers a range of factors such as motivation, team-working, culture and organisational practice, which influence this contribution.

·Learning what skills are needed to be an effective leader/manager, including communication, team-working, handling conflict;

·Understanding how to apply different motivation theories into practice to engage and retain employees, and maximise their performance;

Exploring how individuals differ in personality and how organisations differ culturally

1. Define theories, models and concepts relating to the study of human behaviour in the workplace

2. Demonstrate an understanding of how these theories can explain the way that people behave and interact at work at individual, group and organisational levels

3. Demonstrate an understanding of the impact that organisational culture can have on the success of that organisation

This module will help to enhance and develop students’ abilities to understand their role in the working environment both as employees and as managers of the future.

It will also form the basis of the development of skills in the areas of People management including communications, team building, leadership and motivating others.

Learning & Teaching Strategy

Seminars are interactive and include group activities and discussions, using students’ experience of working in organisations where appropriate. The seminars support the students to develop an understanding of the theories, concepts and knowledge gathered from both supervised and independent study.

Students are expected to familiarise themselves with the relevant materials in advance to ensure a meaningful contribution. Lecture notes, reading and presentation materials will be made available on the VLE to facilitate such familiarisation.

Assessment Strategy

Coursework 1 requires students to work wither individually or in a small group and carry out both secondary and primary research into a selected topic, which is introduced in the seminars on various theories and concepts of human behaviour in the workplace and their interaction. The output is a formative group presentation and a final summative report.

·International Journal of Human Resource Management

·Human Resource Management International Digest

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