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Metaparadigm of Nursing

Link the theory you developed in Weeks 2 and 5 with the Metaparadigm of Nursing. Each of the elements of the Metaparadigm should be represented in your theory. Revise your theory if necessary to include each of the components of the Metaparadigm. (See additional materials)

week 2 and 5
Pain and nausea among terminally ill individuals are major challenges that most hospice care nurses are very familiar with. Hospice care majors on elimination and management of symptoms and comfort care. In week two, the personal theory developed regarding hospice care in the management of pain and nausea reads as follows: Hospice care nurses’ use of a multidisciplinary approach (Concept A) helps reduce (Proposition) pain and nausea symptoms (Concept B) in terminally ill patients and improve their quality of life. Concept A is multidisciplinary approach. This is the intervention or action undertaken to cause an outcome. According to Strunk et al. (2017), the collaboration of professionals in a multidisciplinary manner optimizes the healthcare outcomes through promotion of interactions and shared experiences. On the other hand, concept B is pain and nausea symptoms. These are the variables we seek to reduce among the terminally ill patients to improve their quality of life. Conceptual models are frames of reference for nursing practice that is made of general and abstract concepts. Nursing theories focus on more concrete health conditions and occurrences than conceptual models (Fitzgerald, 2020). Also, most theory notions are not directly observable and must be linked to an empirical indication called the Conceptual-Theoretical-Empirical (CTE) model of theory formation.

The use of the Conceptual-Theoretical-Empirical model (CTE) measures the concepts and propositions in our research study. During hospice care, one great example of how we can apply this theory is by teaching our hospice staff on proper pain and nausea management. Pain and nausea can be very subjective and the goal of treatment is to assess the patients’ level of discomfort and administer medication as soon as possible before it becomes uncontrollable, and for the ability for the nurse to anticipate. One way this can be done is with frequent patient monitoring by the staff, medical doctors providing standing orders for pain and nausea for around the clock treatment. Many other interventions showed great results such as providing warm ginger ale, “saltine” crackers (if not contraindicated), or simply a cool cloth placed on the back of the neck. One CNA on our unit was able to help our sicker patients by providing ginger tea to alleviate nausea. Dietary can also play its part by providing small frequent meals throughout the shift instead of three large ones.


Conversations about end-of-life decisions and the transition to hospice care is among hospice care workers’ most challenging communication responsibilities (Wu, 2020). When pain is controlled and nausea is kept at bay, most patients can enjoy a good resting day and even have some quality time with family visiting. Notably, changing the hospice care approach by introducing a multidisciplinary approach strategy can help to reduce pain and nausea symptoms in terminally ill patients and improve their quality of life.


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