Meniscal tears and osteoarthritis:

Choose one of the research topics below and read the article (click link to article):

1. Meniscal tears and osteoarthritis:

Article 1. Meniscal Tears and Osteoarthritis.pdfPreview the document


2. Total knee replacement surgery and home exercise:

Article 2. Total knee replacement surgery and home exercise.pdfPreview the document

3. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS):

Article 3. Treatment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.pdfPreview the document After reading the article, answer the following questions. Be sure to number the answers clearly.

1. Provide the article citation (either APA or AMA format): (1pt)

2. Was this research approved by an Institutional Review Board? (1 pt)

3. Identify one independent variable: (1.5 pt)

4. Identify one dependent variable: (1.5 pt)

5. What is the population of interest?: (1 pt)

6. What is the sample for the study (include the sample size and characteristics): (1 pt)

7. What method was used to select the sample (i.e., random stratified, sample of convenience)? (1 pt)

8. Was a control group used? (1 pt)

9. What level of measurement (nominal, ordinal, metric) was used for the variables? (1pt)

10. Were descriptive statistics (i.e.: mean, median, mode, SD) used? YES or NO? If yes, provide an example. (1.5 pt)

11. Did the study include any elements of control (other than a control group)? YES or NO? If yes, list the element(s). (1.5)

12. State one hypothesis that the researchers tested (use either their own words or your words). (1.5 pt)

13. Based on your answer to #14, did the researchers REJECT or FAIL TO REJECT the null hypothesis? (1 pt)

14. Was a level of probability given? If yes, what was the level? (1 pt)

15. Can the results of this study be generalized beyond the sample? YES or NO? Why or why not? (1.5 pt)

16. Can the results of this study be generalized beyond the population? YES or NO? Why or why not? (1.5 pt)

17. What type of study was this (ie: longitudinal, case study, clinical trial, etc)? (1 pt) 18. List and define one term in the article that was unfamiliar to you. (+1.5 pt)

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