MCR003 Management Attributes and Skills


You must analyse and research on one of the following successful business leaders:

•Tim Cook (Apple)

•Alan Joyce (Qantas)

•Christine Holgate (Australia Post)

•Jack Ma (AliBaba) •Mike Cannon –Brookes (Atlassian)

•Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook)

•Jeff Bezos (Amazon)

•Mary Barra (General Motors) Or current business leader of your choice (approval has to be sought from your Lecturer first).

You will be required to prepare an essay covering the following areas listed below:

•Background of the leader ( relevant to their current role eg education/work history)

•Explain what skills and competencies have contributed to their success

•How would you describe his/her management/leadership “style”? Give details/examples.

•Identify two key challenges they have faced and assess how they dealt with the situation

•What have you learnt about management and leadership from studying them

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