Assignment 6 – Comprehensive Current Event. (40 points) Many marketing fundamentals and applications are evident in our everyday lives. The purpose of this assignment is to apply concepts learned in this course to current business events. This critique of marketing applications will allow you to choose a topic of interest and demonstrate the knowledge you have acquired during this course. This comprehensive assignment will help you assess your ability to analyze the benefits of implementing effective marketing principles, and the overall effect of managing business activities for a competitive advantage. Use your textbook, resources we have reviewed this semester, and/or Campbell Library to find a current event article published within the last 6 months. (Suggestion: Usually a good article for this assignment is one that clearly identifies one of Ansoff’s growth strategies.) NOTE: Be sure to cite the article in your analysis Write an analysis of your article using the following format and section headings: Problem/Issue(s): This section of your paper should include a very brief or concise summary of the primary (key) marketing issues discussed in your article. Unlike a summary of the article, this section discusses the key problems/issues in this article. Challenge: Write an executive summary as defined by the Purdue Writing Lab. Marketing Applications and Concepts: In this section, you should identify and describe the marketing concepts and principles in article. Support your discussion using terminology and concepts from your textbook and supportive details from the article. Recommendations/Implications: This section provides recommendations and solutions for the current challenges facing the organization. For example, if your article discusses opportunities, then explain future strategies or decisions that will help the organization sustain a competitive advantage. What are the implications of the organization’s business decisions? An article that discusses problems require solutions, so the company can foster and remain competitive in the future. What are the effective solutions?

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