MARK 1700-Digital and Social Media Context of Business


Part A

Critical evaluation of the social media activities of one of the following: 

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a)A Soft Drink Company 

b)A Fashion label 

c)An Event 

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You are expected to track the social media activities of your chosen organisation over a two-week period, and provide a written analysis/evaluation using relevant theories that were taught in the classroom (for more guidelines please see the following pages). 

Part B

Prepare i) one piece of creative content for your chosen organisation & ii) one paragraph of academic justification. Remember, this content needs to appear in the digital domain. How will you be able to integrate the digital/social into your creative content? What media will you use? Time to think outside of the box! 

You may use any software to create your content. It needs to be relevant to the audience of your chosen organisation – think about consumers! Should any of you wish to create a video, you MUST do the following: 

a)Take screen shots of your video – like a storyboard- and provide a brief two lines to explain what is happening in each shot.  

b)As an option, you may want to upload this video to a private YouTube space (you will need to add the module leader and tutor to this space).  

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